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Hello friends, to those of you who like graphic design, science fiction, alternate worlds and timelines, and other oddities; I welcome you to this humble little place.



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USSA Seal and Emblem (Fallout)
Was on the Fallout wiki and found the page on the United States Space Administration, then
I saw the logo and wanted to make a version of it.

USSA wiki Page:…
Ramming Speed, Ironclad! Title Card
Can the White Bird stop the evil empire and save the world? Tune your projector
televisions to Ramming Speed, Ironclad!, every Acquiesce at 8!

A gift for a pal of mine :iconjailgurdnegative:
Check him out, he make's very nice things.
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Dual Identity
Should have had this out a while back. Better late then never. ;)
Vera Birger - Is the heir of the throne of Cournagorms. She, was born to ruler of
Cournagorms and war hero Kika Birger, and Hoffnung inventor Niels Braun. Vera,
spent her life in Karelia with her mother, as her father stayed behind to help the
citizens of the collapsed UHR.

The young birger spent her days in the care of the house staff, undergoing her
studies, becoming enamored with history, art, and cultural studies. She loved the
staff and they treated her well.

Vera, also lived with her adopted sister, Caoimhe--who hated Vera for her "weakness
of character", and "lack of discipline." Demanding that she toughen up to honor Kika's 
legacy. Vera, would never met Caoimhe's high standards which caused Caoimhe to
crack down harder until Vera did.

Vera's closest friend was Kejserinde Frida. Frida, would spend a great deal of time
with the family, as the Birgers are tasked with protecting the monarch since the
days of old. All the while trying to get Caoimhe and Vera to make peace.

Vera's, mother would soon send her to military academy, to become versed in
warfare like her mother before her. Over the years as Caoimhe joined the fleet,
Frida started to condensate her rule, and Kika acting out her duty as Imperial
Spymaster and Royal Protector, Vera started to drifted away from them more
and more (Caoimhe, being gone was a blessing, however). 

Vera had always wanted to know about her father, and the land he called home.
A land in a chaotic war split between many factions in a free-for-all
over who will rule the former UHR. She chose to find him and aid his fight.

Kika Birger, let her daughter go on her little adventure, to free Vera's mind of
distractions and to have her skills tested in real battle. 
Beatrix Braun - Is the daughter of Niels Braun and a Karelian noble. She returned after
being raised abroad. She came to the former UHR to meet her father for the first time
and to help him how she can. But she wouldn't get the chance as he dead not too long
before she set out... 

The news was hard to take, but the more she heard of his heroism the more she wanted
to stay and fight so that his--their land will be free of war. She joined the Hoffnung
Restoration Army to do just that. She fought, and fought, and fought, day after day,
alongside under-equipped, weary troops, in hours of boring calm with deadly bursts
of irregular warfare to round it out.

The winters where cold, the summers where hot, troops having eat the dreaded
Restoration Beans most nights as the main course of the diner menu, and everyone
was ether really sick, or really smelly, or both.

She began to regret making her trip in the first place, maybe her sister was right
about her being weak, after all. And it only get worst. One night while keeping watch,
the enemy attack her camp. Beatrix was just joining the fight until she was hit with a
cloud of poison gas which burned into the left side of her face.

She woke in an army hospital, days later. And learned she was a victim of "friendly fire." 
She would no longer be able to see the world with both eyes, and her skin would be a
scared reminder of a humiliating night... But day would be a better one, the nurse feeling
sorry for the wounded soldier spend much of her free-time with Beatrix. Before long they
where friends.

Beatrix returned to the fight but found things the same as before. But it was on a rainy day
that she met an older man, she was in a bad spell of depression and his optimism and hopeful
words put her mind at ease. She would soon become good friends with him as well, his name
was Eric Friedman, Commander of the Restoration Army.

Over the years afterword, she would better her skill as a strategist and lead troops of her own.
She would have support from Commander Friedman who she looked to as a mentor and father
figure, and the nurse from the army hospital whom she now share a relationship with. 
Eventually she was made colonel, and serves as Commander Friedman's right hand
officer in the Restoration Army.
The only question now is: What life will she choose? 
Great Powers of Patreia Flags (The Non-War)
Patreia is home to many nations, but four call the shots.
Here's a look at them:
Cascana - Is known for it's art and entertainment, whenever artists need a place
to create they come to Cascana. Vision is celebrated, and indulging in the works
of others is encouraged. (However, use of any cultural stories, legends, or
historical works without the approval of the work's licensed owners is against
National Creative Use Policy.)

Zu'di League - Is a collection of maritime cites and communities that joined together
to face a great foe many years ago. The League trusts it's citizens which is why in most
cases it tries to stay out of their affairs. It view's government's job as protecting it's people
from outside forces so they can be safe to make their own choices. The League also has
Patreia's largest "wet navy" and is one of the world's top arms entrepreneurs!

United Otov - Has been ruled by some of the most oppressive regimes in history, only
recently have they known a government that cared about it's people. It was a mix of
pragmatism and imagination, that helped them win their long battle for a better life.
They have built the world's biggest welfare state, and shown sympathy for Huraya's
cause. Out of the four great powers, Otov is seen as the contrarian not willing to
"play ball" with the others.

All of which are why even if allies, the others keep a close eye on, Otov..

Federated Republics - The most powerful country on the planet and while the other
three are top powers the FR is the global leader. The FR was once a lose union of
republics but time and conflict has shaped the many into one nation. Freedom is
at the core of the FR, freedom of the market, freedom of belief, freedom of creativity,
and the freedom to be anything you want to be no matter who you are. But not everyone
starts at the same place, and some have more then

Some cites are the very vision of a shinning future, while others are stuck in ages past.
But if one is truly without then they can take pride in knowing if they work harder then
they too can join the ranks of the wealthy.
Faction Flags and Space Logos (The Non-War)
Still working on the comic... Anyway, wanted to post something so here are 
the flags and spaceforce logos for the two main factions.
Huraya - Was once a collection of colonies owned by corporations, nations, and the wealthy
of Patreia. 60 years ago they united together as one planetary government and forced their
former bosses off-world. In the years since they have begun to build their version of a more
equal society. While they have had some hits and misses, there has been an improvement
in the lives and the representation of the public. To achieve this, the public at-large has
had to build mass political awareness and become involved in the day-to-day affairs of
government. But it can be hard a lot of times trying to get every voice to work together.

While they arm to export their ideals to the homeworld they somewhat view the people
of Patreia for seeming to be content with the status quo.

Patreia - Homeworld of humanity, Patreia is divided among many nations that are working
together to both repair damage caused by climate change and fighting the war against
Huraya. Income inequality is an issue for many nations where some areas are prosperous
while others live in poverty. Many see no alternate to the status quo, all other kinds of
government have been tired before failed. If there was an alternate most of us would be
living in it.

There are some nations however which subscribe to different ideals to be fair...
But they are not as wealthy as the nations which follow more liberty-based systems.


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