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Karelian Empire Flag and Emblem by KingWillhamII Karelian Empire Flag and Emblem by KingWillhamII
Kejserinde Frida Gunvor Hillevy IX came to power in 1811, after her brother was
chased out of the country by the Karelian Council of Elders and their supporters.
Never meant to be queen, Frida had reserved herself to being the much loved sister
of the king. When she was given the crown, the Council had expected that she would
be an easily controlled puppet. This proved to be a mistake. Frida showed political apptitude
early, taking much of the glory for reunification of the Dwyrain and the Karelian annexation
of much of Nordvest, despite her exiled brother having largely negotiated this.

She also won many victories amongst the Kingdoms ruling class, giving out Nordvestian
lands to them in exchange for their loyalty. 
By the time the Coucil of Elders realised that
Frida was truly pulling the strings, they had already removed many of the safeguards
meant to stop a totalitarian take over of the Karelian government. Many of the councils
members were forced to leave their posts, as pressure from the royal houses left them
with very little power. Frida replaced them with childhood friends, cementing her take
over of Karelia. 
The last major contribution of the council was the Royal League,
meant to curb the rise of the Union and the C.I.N. Frida expanded on this however,
proclaiming herself the first Empress of Karelia.

The modern Karelian flag was a commisioned redesign, replacing the Kingdom's flag.
It still features the same Foniwch "udødelig" or infiniti gate symbol, but now on a
flag that represents the countries more dynamic and powerful monarch.
- Text by: :iconravajava:
Original Emblem by: :iconravajava: 
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Font: Lithos Pro Regular
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