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Airfortress World Map: 1830 :iconkingwillhamii:KingWillhamII 30 15 Confederacy of Independent Nations Flag and Emblem :iconkingwillhamii:KingWillhamII 13 0 Alliances of the World (1830) :iconkingwillhamii:KingWillhamII 25 10 Cambrian Flag and Emblem :iconkingwillhamii:KingWillhamII 10 6 Karelian Empire Flag and Emblem :iconkingwillhamii:KingWillhamII 15 5 Union of Lanzarote Flag and Emblem :iconkingwillhamii:KingWillhamII 12 4 Hoffnung Food Ration Stamps :iconkingwillhamii:KingWillhamII 14 15 Radio Free Hoffnung Logo :iconkingwillhamii:KingWillhamII 10 9 Toaster Shortage :iconkingwillhamii:KingWillhamII 17 8 Hoffnung Restoration (Baaddensaar) Flag :iconkingwillhamii:KingWillhamII 9 10 UHR Flag :iconkingwillhamii:KingWillhamII 14 6 ... :iconkingwillhamii:KingWillhamII 10 12 United Kingdom General Election, 2011 Posters :iconkingwillhamii:KingWillhamII 9 4 2012 Campaign Signs :iconkingwillhamii:KingWillhamII 11 6 End Them! (English) :iconkingwillhamii:KingWillhamII 19 9 The Continent and Surrounding Lands - 1830 :iconkingwillhamii:KingWillhamII 21 19


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United States
If you like logos, flags, maps, posters, 1900s-1960s stuff, alternate worlds and timelines, old Doctor who and new, video games, sci- fi, architecture, history,
and some weird stuff as well...

Then you came to the right place.


Airfortress World Map: 1830

Made a full OPS map in the style of Ace Combat for
using one of 
:iconravajava: base maps. I'm taking part in this RP game as well - playing
as the 
Hoffnung Restoration Army.

Airfortress is a multiplayer grand strategy RPG game powered by Loaded Dice game program,
that aims to blur the lines between table top and virtual strategy games. All of it flavoured by
a RPG system that will allow you to explore the setting in a more personal style.

The setting was created by :iconravajava: and has had more lore added by the players over the
time getting this all set up. In the past the planet was subject to colonization efforts by Earth.
Until a unexpected event happened that sent the colony back in progress. Eventually over the
period of thousands of years some of the people of the planet have developed complex societies
with new ideals, and some hold on to the monarchies of yesterday. In this era the Karelians
are about to launch a campaign of vengeance on the Shirudo for the genocide they caused
in Great War, while the Shirudo are trying to make up for all the damage they did to the
world in the conflict.

The Republic of Arcea is trying to spread Representative ideals to it's Union allies and the
world, Imperial South Arcea has joined in pact with the Worker's Nation of Aztlan, the
former United Hoffnung Republics is a battlezone with all around it fighting to see who
wins in the end. And the Tribes of Allerod--well, they are just finding out what guns are.

Orange Box: Capital
Gray circle: Cites over 40,000
Blue Box: Airship fleetyard 


Fonts: Kozuka Gothic Pr6N H, Orator Std
Base Map:…
Heavily based on:…
Confederacy of Independent Nations Flag and Emblem
CIN: After the Great War, many nations were left broken and worried. The Imperial South
Arcean Empire and the 
Aequalist (Communist) State of Aztlan set aside their political
differences to build a mutually beneficial alliance for protection, trade, and a strong
friendship they called the 
Confederacy of Independent Nations. Unlike the Union and
Royal League, the Confederacy accepts nations regardless of ideology who need defense 
and will not turn those away which need it. 

Flag: The red stands for the blood of our loved ones which we must 
defend, the white
stands for our equal footing, the black which stands for the strong arms we bear against
our foe. All of which is joined by the symbol in the middle which stands for the uniting
of our member states under one force, one army, one bloc of independent nations!

Font: Orator Std
In a different world the Axis Powers rule the Earth but there are those that fight back with words and music. Tune-in and join the fight to free America, now!
Alliances of the World (1830)
Map of the main alliance blocs of:

The Union (Green): is an alliance made of the various Representativist ( Republicanism)
governments of the world. They aim to spread the Representativist rebellion across the

The Royal League (Blue): is primarily composed of the various duchy's with families related
to the Karelian monarchy. Irreversibly changed by the events of the great war, they are
dedicated to ensuring such a calamity never happens again.

The CIN, or Confederacy of Independent Nations (Red): is a alliance composed of strategic
allies with very little care for common ideology or shared history.

Shirudo Empire & Puppets (Orange): long wanted a continental Empire, and the great war
gave them this. Thirty years late, the Shirudo's tight nit Empire of small semi-independent
Shogunates find themselves in constant danger.

Fonts: SF Movie Poster, Monospace, Trajan Pro 3, Notram
Does this look interesting to you folks: Kid from far land by KingWillhamII
Just testing out drawing different things. It's not done but wanted to see if it's worth going with.


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