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If you like logos, flags, maps, posters, 1900s-1960s stuff, alternate worlds and timelines, old Doctor who and new, video games, sci- fi, architecture, history,
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Air Fortress Grand Battlemap Turn 11

News for Life’s Ending, 1830, First two weeks

- United Coven Attacks North Ephesus! - 

This just in, United Coven launch's invasion of North Ephesus! The invasion had with it thousands of troops as well as two fleets being committed to the effort. No word has come from the Northern Prosperity Sphere but reports just coming in say that the invasion is by Coven forces only and not a wider invasion by the more of the NPS' member states. Aragon has yet to make a full statement on the attack, but it seems they are more than ready to fight.

Meanwhile in South Ephesus, Arcea’s Antikori fleet has arrived in Rio Tajo. Admiral Xolani Favre received thanks from South Ephesus President Adelmar Rebeiro Lobo on behalf of the Arcean Republic in answering the South Ephesian’s call for aid. Favre then went on to echo President Coughlin, saying “South Ephesus is and remains Arcea’s sector of concern. So long as Arcea’s presence is wanted, we will do everything within our power to ensure the continuation of peace and prosperity in the region.” He also went on to say “... we will take all measures available to continue the independence of South Ephesus.” No mention of the north was made during the entire proceedings, but it’s well understood the Arceans wouldn’t be returning to the south if it weren’t for the chaos north of the border.

- A Bit of Background on Ephesus -

Ephesus was host to the most static campaign of Great War and was utterly devastated in the fighting and as such was split into two zones after the war. The North that was under the control of the Shirudo, and the South run by the Arcean Republic. The hope was that the two sides that had warred over the land could work together to rebuild it while the move would be yet one more act of reconciliation for the former enemies. What happened was over the 20 or so years after the Great War the two sides rebuild the zones in their own image, the South into an industrial republic, and the North stayed a agrarian kingdom. The two zones where meant to be united just within the past few years in which the Arceans and Shirudo would pull out and hand power over to a unified government but talks stalled and the two Ephesus governments never reached a settlement. 

Then the Shirudo lost their war with Karelia earlier this year leaving the North all on it's own while distrusting it's rich Arcean backed neighbor to the south. With Karelia's allies high on their win over the Shirudo and the ruling houses of North Ephesus making power pays on each other, Coven made it's move ( Most likely being given the go ahead by it's friends in NPS. ) to attack and is now headed deep into the nation cutting off the main rail line and threatening the capital. So far the Arceans have made their move to back up their friends in the South but with no outside aid the North will likely fall and as long as Coven forces don't move south the Arceans will see North Ephesus as necessary loss but if they move south... That's how great wars are started.

- Setback At Kawais -

At Kawais, Enshaw faced its largest setback of their entire campaign. Deploying into the city of Kawais from the EAVV Ijaiste and EAV Puostaja, the Enshawdians were ripped apart by autocannon fire. Strikes from Enshawdian fighter aircraft ultimately disabled these guns, but by then the damage was done. A hastily put together retreat barely managed to save the survivors. Of the 115 Enshawdian men sent into Kawais, only 17 were retrieved. However, in its attempt to completely wipe out the Enshawdian force, the First Liberation Army suffered 1248 casualties. 
Fortunately, not all was lost. The Quadruple Alliance took advantage of the confusion the Enshawdian troops had created and swept the city. The experienced and well drilled soldiers of Aine Beaumont managed to surround and capture the remaining defenders, with only 54 soldiers managing to escape to Aztlan. In exchange, the Quadruple Alliance forces took less than a dozen casualties.

Protests Continue in Enshaw -

Protests in Enshaw have only become more intense over the last few weeks, climaxing with a scare on Fold 8th when a large shipment of ex-Shirudan weapons was stopped thanks to an anonymous tip. Still, the entire Enshawdian home island is on edge, with rumors that martial law may be called only worsening the situation. However, civilian casualties at the hands of police and military in the area have been avoided, a testament to the calm headed government.

Syerdawnic Technocrats Make Comeback! -

"Technology For All, Progress For All!" That was the campaign slogan for the Syerdawnic Technocrats in last weeks Syerdawn state election, that saw the Techno’s manage to, for the first time since the great war, win a victory over the Unionist Party of Syerdawn. The victory is in small part being attributed to national Technocratic party leader Kennewick Von Lark, whose Technocratic populism was largely adopted by his state counterparts. The Rep-Syn’s also made headway however, having adopted Coughlin’s old class of Syndicalism they did not make a big win, in addition a portion of the Unionist loss could be attributed to splitting the vote in a few ridings between the two left-wing parties. The country now turns to Sudfell, where in Frost’s Beginning, they will hold there own election where the Techno’s hope to once again topple a Unionist government.

- The Kohwoor-Nakashibetsu Rail Tunnel -

Executive Director Ryou Saito announced her country's first major project. A massive tunnel that will, for the first time ever, bridge the island together, East to West. Running from Nakashibetsu to the former capital, Kohwoor, it is the most noteworthy piece of a wider rail modernization program. Soon it will be possible to cross the Hokurikan island in less than a day by train!

Nordvestian Theater: Enjoying peace, still.
Southern Theater:…
Chapultepec Theater:…
Alwenachta Secter:…


Republic of Arcea - :iconravajava:
Karelian Empire & Royal League satellites - :iconravajava:
United Coven - :iconuberdust:
Hokuriko - :iconjailgurdnegative:
Duchy of Cambria - :iconkoeix2:
Enshaw - :iconpachumaster:
Cape Republic - :iconminitv:
Gruben Directorate - :iconjailgurdnegative:
Hijjia - :iconkreuzheva:
Hoffnung Zustland - :iconkingwillhamii:
Republic of Aztlan - :iconminitv:

Quadruple Alliance - ?



They Are Not Getting Past Us
Because liberty always prevails! By keeping our skies safe we will take the fight to them! The price to keep the world free is high but must be paid. In the end they will thank us!
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