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If you like logos, flags, maps, posters, 1900s-1960s stuff, alternate worlds and timelines, old Doctor who and new, video games, sci- fi, architecture, history,
and some weird stuff as well...

Then you came to the right place.


... by KingWillhamII
| A quiet night out on the front and our friend here is taking an evening stroll. All is well until she
notices something has fallen behind her. She turns and get's a glimpse of the perpetrator, a mist grenade.
It releases its content and her evening out ends with dizziness, some violent coughs, and then, silence... |

Doing a little experimentation, mixing black and white with a bit of color. Still can't get the clothes to look like
anything other than cardboard but I think I'm improving someone on drawing faces somewhat. 
United Kingdom General Election, 2011 Posters by KingWillhamII
United Kingdom General Election, 2011 Posters
Fonts: Harvestital, Yesteryear, Context Uitra Condensed SSi,
Martina, Sanvito Pro, Calligraphic, RomanUncialModern

Made these for the ole' NationStates RP this time for the nation I play, the UK. So essentially
Thatcher ran the place until 1997 ( Continued the last guy's lore...) until Tony Blair's Labour
Party defeated her in that same year and he later resigned in 2007 placing Gordon Brown in
the leadership chair. The Conservative Party has been run by a revolving door of leaders but it's
newest leader Bervees Estram ( A cross between The Master from Doctor Who and Francis
Urquhart wearing the face of Sir Derek Jacobi.) intends to change that. The Liberal Democrats
are soon not long for this world and Kelly O'Hare's Fianna Fáil intends to free Ireland
( Thatcher and other shenanigans lead to it joining the UK in the 90s.) from the UK.

Here's factbook page on it:…
2012 Campaign Signs by KingWillhamII
2012 Campaign Signs
Fonts: Yesteryear, Splash, SF Movie Poster, Martina, Oswald,
Nueva Std Cond, Brush Script Std, Trajanus Roman, Huxley Titling
Walker's Based on:…

Made these for a friend who plays the US on our NationStates RP game. Basically a Dem. named 
Connor Nimitz ( Used George Clooney's picture so he looks just like him.) won in 2000 & 2004
but then John Kerry lost to Mitt Romney in 08 and now incumbent president Romney is facing
off against Democrat Garrett Walker ( From House of Cards.) and Libertarian ( The Libertarians
are the third wheel in his US's three-party system.) candidate Mark Eldridge.
If the UN is backing this on Twitter then it must be good. ;)
Seems they want us youngfolks to run for office and be a part of government. 
End Them! (English) by KingWillhamII
End Them! (English)
With her allies defeated, her colonies lost, and her communications and trade with the outside world cut,
Clemwalt now faced the full might of the most powerful global empires in the world. Her enemies just
wanted to this fight to be over, to go home again. They were promised they would be home by Endyear,
9 Endyears ago...

Now they descend into the lands of an enemy who has fully mobilized it's society for the sole purpose of
fighting this conflict, who see's themselves as the "Protectors of Liberty", and they will resist every step
of the way.

Symbol on the bottom right is a Vextherian symbol for "fleeting time" or "your time is ending" with the
Clemwalt Army logo underneath the whole thing essentially means Clemwalt's hour is up.

Fonts: Segoe Ui Black, Brussels

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