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If you like logos, flags, maps, posters, 1900s-1960s stuff, alternate worlds and timelines, old Doctor who and new, video games, sci- fi, architecture, history,
and some weird stuff as well...

Then you came to the right place.


Hoffnung Food Ration Stamps
"Hey Heinrich, you look upset. What's wrong?"

"We used to eat a lot in the old days when my dad was a kid but now we don't."

"Heinrich, with rationing even though we don't get as much as before everyone gets something.
Look, this isn't the old days after all, we aren't on top anymore but we are surviving."

"Yeah I guess you're right... At least we can eat."

"That's the spirit. Now let's go crack open a can of Restoration Beans I got for 5 points!"

Restoration Beans?! Yes, please!"

Remember, rationing saves lives and will ensure our restoration forces through to their victory!

Your Food Ration Icons!

Specialty -
Is what does not fall under the other groups

Circle -
Meats and Dairy

Triangle -
Drinks and fruit

Diamond -
Cereals & Vegetables

"Rationing ensures that everyone has their fair share and lead us to victory. "- Commander Friedman
Fonts: American Text, Deneane, Cloister Black
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Radio Free Hoffnung Logo
"This is Radio Free Hoffnung, the voice of the Restoration! Wherever you may be in the former UHR know that when you hear this broadcast we aren't that far behind! Be seeing you soon, and keep safe out there." - Your Pal, Otto
Font: Brandish
Mood music:…
The Restoration:…
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Toaster Shortage

The United European Defense was a collection of piss-ant nations united together to defend against the ominous threat rising in Russia. When Russia's Red Curtain finally dropped, and all hell poured into Western Europe, the UED nations cut and ran -- fighting each other for military resources.

This UED recruitment poster perfectly sums it all up; the original text read, 'A Stronger, Safer, Unified Europe is counting on YOU! Males between 19 and 30, see your local recruitment center today! Get a free toaster!' The faded text had been crossed out and painted over several times, adjusting the age requirement up and down, 'Males between 18 and 33'....'between 14 and 50', eventually becoming, 'Men and Women of all ages'.

By the end, there was no longer any mention of a free toaster.

-- Journal Entry, 30 August, 1951 -- James Grayson

Fonts: Impact, SF Movie Poster, Yesteryear
Based on:…

PS: The Resistance series is the property of Sony Interactive Entertainment & Insomniac Games
Hoffnung Restoration (Baaddensaar) Flag
Colors are a call back to the Hoffnung colors of old while the symbol in the middle is a good luck
charm the army has grown quite fond of as of late. Supporters can be seen flying different versions
of this flag but all of them will include that charm. After all, they need all the luck they can get...

When the UHR collapsed the region was thrown into chaos with very few remaining loyal to the old government.
However, when receiving news that his country was finished the commander of the 6th Army was eventually
operating on his own. His last orders were to remain in position and wait for HQ to come up with a strategy
to deal with the insurrection. Needless to say that didn't happen, and HQ wouldn't be sending replies anytime

So he took the army and secured as much of the province of Baaddensaar as they could along with the capital.
The Commander and troops of the 6th had to decide what to do with themselves next. The 6th could have become
another kingdom of warlords but their Commander was one of the rare few who pledged their loyalty to the Hoffnung
state as a whole not the government per se but as the country of the Hoffnung people.

He gathered his troops and ask them whether or not they would join him in a mission to reunite the country or
leave of their own accord. They were free to choose their own path but many of them stayed, having formed a
bond between themselves and the man which let them through the turbulent years they shared.

They would unite the land not for themselves but for those shared blood, language, and community. They knew
not what governance they would fall under but knew that if any such talk was to be had they would have to restore
peace to the land, first.

You can learn more about Airfortress' world here:
UHR Flag
The star on the flag is an old religious symbol used in the area is a sort of symbol of unity
amongst the people and has become synonymous with the region, the black color stands
for the strength of the UHR, and the grey color represents the stalwart nature of the country.

The United Hoffnung Republics at one point was the major power on the continent.
Located on the Southeast edge the UHR was Airfortress' equivalent to the Holy Roman
Empire but led by a council of representatives from each of the major states.
Unfortunately for the UHR it found itself losing the Great Continental War, undergoing
a worker's revolution, losing the western part of the nation to the Kingdom of South Arcea,
and fracturing into many different warring states.

With the lack of a united hoffnung identity what parts of the country which were not seized
by foreign powers found themselves under the control of a various assortment of leaders;
ranging from generals turned warlords, petty despots, independent city-states, bandits, and
farming communities uniting to survive the onslaught.

The three largest Post-UHR factions are:

Seabring - A UHR province to the southeast whose independence is supported by the Republic
of Arcea. Seabring is led by a democratic government and is located in the cold parts of the
continent. The province is one of the few Post-UHR states to be officially recognized by multiple
nations as a legitimate government.

Baaddensaar - One of the more populated UHR providences, they hold the capital of the former
UHR, Maldrecoy and other important cities. They are led by the general and command staff of
the former UHR 6th Army which has renamed itself the Hoffnung Restoration Force after the
collapse of their government. The army seeks to reunite as much of the country as they can,
put an end to the chaos that has engulfed the people, and build a united hoffnung identity.
They are currently only recognized by the Republic of Arcea and Seabring.

Valtopia - A UHR province to the West and bordering the Kingdom of South Arcea.
They have a significant presence within the region but are unrecognized by most nations.

You can learn more about Airfortress' world here:


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